Elaine’ s lifetime of studying and working in treatments and exercise conditioning originated from her dancing childhood that lead to a BA (Hons) Dance Theatre.

Following this she worked as a personal trainer studying with some of the best strength coaches in the world. This guided Elaine to study her favourite technique; ART- Active Release Technique, a state of the art soft tissue technique from a US Chiropractor, that is used widely in main stream sports.

Elaine’s hunger for more knowledge and experience took her to the London School of Osteopathy where she completed her Master’s degree in Osteopathy. Elaine discovered she has a natural flair for cranial techniques which complement her passion about osteopathic history and principles.

Whilst discovering these skills Elaine was still personally involved in strength training in the gym, extreme opposites in many peoples eyes, which along with training every generation, premature babies right through to the elderly, sedentary and sporting athlete’s is what Elaine loves so much about her profession.

Elaine moved on to an additional post graduate qualification in paediatrics after her master’s, at The Osteopathic Centre for Children. The OCC is a dedicated children’s charity providing safe and effective treatment for babies, children and perinatal women. As well as working in the OCC’s clinics, Elaine also worked on hospital paediatric wards and in NHS premature baby units.

Elaine has always been heavily involved with babies and children of her family and friends and directing her work to treat babies, children and expectant mums on a daily basis was an ideal role for Elaine.

The ultimate goal of Elaine having her own baby was realised in 2019, this consolidated her years of study, knowledge and professional expertise with her passion for osteopathy and for family well-being.

Elaine highly recommends pre and post natal osteopathy for mums and all new babies and children from her years of clinical practice and her own personal experiences.

Elaine has recently competed a 40 week course on biomechanics and become a Fellow of Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute in the U.S. This has enhanced Elaine’s exercise rehabilitation knowledge and equipped her with even greater tools to return her patients back to full function.


  • Master’s in Osteopathy
  • Diploma Paediatric osteopathy
  • ART – full body and long tract nerve entrapment
  • PICP level 1 (upper and lower body structural balance from Football specific internship)
  • PIMST – Instant Muscle Strengthening techniques
  • Biosignature – site specific weight loss
  • NASM – Personal training
  • ITEC – Sports Massage therapy
  • CHEK level 1 – Injury Rehabilitation