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I have found Elaine to be a very knowledgeable practitioner and diagnostician, with a good listening ear. Elaine investigates the root cause of my problem through full body assessment and works with me to address it. For example, providing thorough hands on Osteopathic and ART treatment that gives me relief and showing me how to carry out maintainence work on myself and strengthen relevant areas. Elaine listens when I explain what I'm feeling in my body and uses that information to assess and provide treatment as appropriate. I have progressed so much in understanding and addressing my problem through Elaine's treatments and advice. I would highly recommend Elaine.  

J.H, Mayfair.


'I've been seeing Elaine for treatment for years and she is an excellent therapist who has become a friend. When in London I make sure to see her weekly to keep my body working well and it's always great to catch up with her. She is very knowledgable and uses a variety of treatment techniques (including osteo, ART, needling etc.) depending on any issues I have. Highly recommended!’

S.Al R, Mayfair


Elaine has treated me for many years for various injuries that have required treatment.

She has been meticulous in her approach and I have always left feeling that the treatment was successful.

She has a positive friendly approach which enhances the experience.

I would certainly recommend her.

D. O, Chelsea


Elaine is amazing. The amount of times she has saved my body from aches and pains is unbelievable. I call her magic hands for her ability to fix the issue immediately compared to other osteopaths I’ve dealt with. I have been going to see Elaine for more than 2 years  to help with issues, injuries and maintenance work.  She has a great variety of treatments  and  tailors to my body's needs every time. Elaine is very professional, but also very approachable and pleasant to talk to. She is also amazing at giving advice and suggestions of lifestyle changes to compliment her treatments. I couldn't recommend her more.

A.H., Mayfair


Elly is amazing, from acute pain in my neck and shoulder she worked her magic , showed me the correct exercise and through several sessions of treatment and monitoring she took me back to being pain free. Extremely professional, I felt comfortable and trusted her from the start. I really could not recommend her enough.

C.G, East Grinstead


Back in 2015 I suffered a c-spine herniation and was struggling with recovery. Having tired several different osteopathy specialists with no improvement in my symptoms or recovery. I thankfully discovered Elaine, and within a few sessions she helped alleviate my symptoms, allowing me to continue my rehabilitation and recovery.


Elaine is incredibly knowledgable and experienced, which is why I always refer my clients to her when they are experiencing issues that are outside of my scope of practice or they are suffering from long term injuries.


I strongly recommend using Elaine’s services if you value your health and well-being.

J.R., Mayfair


Elaine Tilley is an amazing Osteopath! I went to her with shoulder and neck pain, she took the time to listen, she was super friendly and explained everything (although it all hurt) the treatments have helped all my aches and pains. Thank you Elaine.

M.L., Mayfair


I first went to Elaine many years ago for treatment, as I was in a lot of pain.  My neck had a continual ache, and pain down my right arm into my fingers.  The pain specialist said my only option was surgery on my C5/6, I didn't want that!


Elaine understoood my issue instantly, and knew what treatment I need, first to work on the pain, open up my right side while rectifying the issue.


Touch wood...all better, and now I go for a monthly tune up to keep on top of any potential issues, especially as I sit at an office desk 10 hours a day.


My wife now visits Elaine, and anyone I come across needing treatment, I recommend Elaine

R.E., Chelsea


I can only give my highest recommendation to Elaine. Time and again she has helped me recover from pain and injury of numerous different types and I am prepared to travel long distances to get treatment from her as opposed to anyone else. If you are struggling with an injury or niggle do yourself a favour and book an appointment with Elaine.

R.S., Mayfair


Elaine has helped me with two different injuries through their acute phase and brought me back to pain free exercise.

When both my back and knee pain was very debilitating, Elaine reassured me and encouraged me. She followed the highly effective treatment process through to helping me with strengthening and rehabilitation so I could return to exercising on my own.

I highly recommend her services for testing and diagnosis, pain management, back pain resolution and rehabilitation of all sports injuries.

N.L., Chelsea


Elly is amazing, healing hands, she treated a persistent niggle I’d been suffering with in my shoulder and after one treatment the issue was gone 

Highly recommend!

A.P., East Grinstead

Great service, professional and always helped me with any injuries I’ve had. I’d recommend and I always go back to Elaine if I get an issue.

S.C., East Grinstead


Elly is fantastic! So professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She has worked wonders with my lower back problems, I highly recommend her.

H.H., East Grinstead


Elaines knowledge of the body, treatment skill set and application of it is simply nothing short of amazing. She is friendly, kind and professional. As I personal trainer I would recommend my clients to no one but her as her priority’s are to keep them safe, treatment of injury and pain and to keep them active.

B.S., Mayfair


Elaine was great. Both myself and my husband have received treatment. Prompt communication and fitted me in at short notice as I was in agony. Honest about the treatment required and realistic about the time scale for feeling improvement, which was all spot on. Would highly recommend her and do so to as many people as I can!

C.C., East Grinstead


Elaine is incredible, her knowledge, skill and ability to understand what’s going on in my body enabled me to come away each and every time with such physical relief. She is thorough, reliable and her understanding of the human body and exercise rehabilitation meant I could get back to training pain free!! I couldn’t speak more highly of Elaine!

R.W., Chelsea


Elly is amazing!! she helped me before and after pregnancy with long term results for my back and feet issues. My newborn son wasn’t able to sleep on his back until we saw Elly and she worked wonders on him. She is very professional and personable at the same time so it’s always a pleasure and a relief to visit her clean and spacious home practice.

R.V., East Grinstead


Elly is not only very knowledgeable but very professional, friendly and approachable . She has worked wonders on my knees, lower back and overall guidance in looking after my body to limit rsi. I highly recommend her services.

D.S., East Grinstead


I’m always impressed with just how much Elaine gets through in one session and how effective the treatment is. Rarely do I need to come in for a second treatment on the same injury and always walk out feeling better than when I went in.

M.D., Mayfair


Elly has helped me and my daughter greatly with our muscular injuries and by seeing Elly regularly I have been able to fulfil my life ambitions of travel without worry.

G.F., East Grinstead

I've been treated by Elaine for around 4 years and every appointment I have been to has been a pleasure. I was a total sceptic to Osteopathy at first, but having tried everything else to deal with lower back pain from a slipped disc, I decided to give it a go. She worked her magic on me then, and I was 100% converted. I now see her as a first port of call with any grumbles in my back/neck and she has never failed to get to the bottom of pain quickly and effortlessly. I can't recommend her enough, she knows her stuff and is great for a chat at the same time.

L.S., East Grinstead